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The second serial killer in less than a year is prowling the streets of Miami, systematically killing off some of South Florida's most beautiful young women. Detective Al Warner is just back on The Job, fully recovered from a bullet wound, glancing off his head  after a deadly chance encounter with another madman.

Warner is in the best shape of his life, but his days are laced with headaches and his sleep fraught with terrifying dreams. Lack of rest clouds his usually laser-sharp mind but doesn’t slow his ingle-minded hunt for this new killer. 

Angie Dedios is a magnetic man, seducing stunning young women who posed nude for men's magazines. He "redeems" t
hem for their "sins"in the name of God, brutally strangling them as they complete sex, intoning "the Lord Calls."

Warner and the FBI’s BAU become more frustrated as each new death provides plenty of evidence it’s the same Unsub, but no new clues to his identity. They learn the killers name, and realizes it’s really Angel de Dios… the Angel of God... but they are helpless as more beauties dies with no new leads as to his real identity. Then Warner’s love, Sharon Clark, becomes a target for this mad man, and Warner must stop him before she is his 8th victim. Only chance again brings them all together in one final deadly dance of terror.


Death's Angel is the first of my Al Warner series. He's an unusual blend of compassion and a hard-nosed, no nonsense cop, with a complicated personal life, some what in the vein of Patterson's ALEX CROSS. Enjoty the novel, and thje character, because there's more to come. The 2nd Warner novel will be published in early 2015.


George A Bernstein's 1st, Award-winning Novel

The cave-black darkness is still, silent. Jackee Maren’s heart hammers her breast, terror searing her veins. Someone’s coming. No way out. This time they will kill me. Her breath is short, her chest burns. Gotta run. Faster. Faster! Her eyes fly open, her heart still racing with blinding fear. Jackee breathes deeply with relief and stares at the ceiling desperately trying to calm herself. The same dream. Something, someone is watching… and waiting.

A surgical accident stemming from a tragic car accident leaves beautiful, vibrant Jackee Maren completely paralyzed, mentally alert but trapped in “Locked-in Syndrome,” able to move only her eyes. Jackee’s husband, Phil, is devastated, her two young boys left with nothing but a shell for a mother. Still, Jackee senses the foreboding of an evil presence and suspects time is short.

Jackee ‘s physical therapist, Kevin, teaches to communicate by blinking. Slowly, she realizes her car accident was no accident, and knows she must expose the person who wants her dead before they get a second chance.

While Jackee puzzles to put all the clues together, she discovers she has the ability to sense the thoughts of others. She hides this talent from everyone but her sons, not knowing whom she can trust. By actively exercising her new psychic ability, Jackee finally learns who masterminded the accident, but seems helpless to stop them from finishing her off.

Gradually a psychic plan forms to not only ensure her boys are safe forever, but to exact revenge on her would-be murderer. Jackee vows not to rest until this villian understands what it is to be TRAPPED!

But she must hurry, with only a year to live.


(Five Star) Angie F –Amazon review from: Paperback

George Bernstein has really done a wonderful job with his novel, "Trapped." Imagine if you went in for routine surgery and were trapped in a coma - seemingly unresponsive, but in fact you were fully aware of what was going on around you. Imagine that you find you also have "awoken" with a psychic ability to KNOW how others are feeling. Imagine if you determined that your "accident" was no accident! "Trapped" is a wonderful, gripping thriller that grabs the reader's attention from the first page and refuses to let go.

 (Five Star) Ann Snizek Amazon review from: Kindle

Intense is the first word that comes to mind in this story! Bernstein does an amazing job a making you feel the frustration, anger, fear, and determination of Jackee. It took me a little time to understand Jackee's situation, but then I think that is how Bernstein wanted it. After all, it took Jackee some time to understand as well.
   I didn't feel any slow parts in this story. The only dragging I noticed was it dragging me ever onward. It felt like an edge of your seat read, constantly wanting to know what would happen next and how Jackee would cope. All I can tell you is you MUST read this to find out!
   Trapped was an exciting read that I'm sure I will read again. I even plan to buy this in print to have it on my shelf. Thank you George Bernstein for this great book.

 (Four Star) -Donna Miller Amazon review from  Kindle

This book was recommended to me as a fascinating, quick read. I was somewhat hesitant at first, but once I began the book, I could not put it down. An interesting concept, as you feel you are truly inside the brain of the main character.

(Five Star) - free2ride - Amazon review from Kindle

Wow! A woman trapped in a body with only her mind and eyes working. What a dull book that should have been but this author allows us to see the world around her with truly wide open eyes. Exciting, mysterious, intriguing and phenomenal. A must read!

Available in Print & E-Book at: Amazon

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Also available at Smashwords, Goodreads, & the CreateSpace store (print only)

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George Bernstein is a youthful seventy-eight-year-old, with a B.A. from Northwestern University, now living in south Florida, and the retired president of a publicly held Chicago company. 
    George's main interest is as a serious novelist. He has attended numerous writers’ conferences and seminars, including that of famous fiction agent, Donald Maass, and he has worked with independent editor, Dave King, all with the goal of improving his craft.  
    George's first novel, Trapped, was published by TAG Publishers, after being a finalist in their Next Great American Novel contest. Dee Burks and her staff really love the story, and have put a lot of effort into comprehensive editing and revision suggestions, making Trapped the best it can be. Trapped was also a finalist at the 2012 Florida Writers Association RPLA fiction contest.

Trapped is now published, in its 2nd Edition, by small Indie  press, GnD Publishing LLC.
    It is available in print as a soft cover, and in several e-book formats, such as Kindle, Nook and Smashwords. For those without a Kindle Readers, you may not know you can DOWNLOAD A FREE KINDLE APP from Amazon, so you can read any Kindle publication on any kind of e-reader, including I-Pads, smartphones, PC's and laptops. Don't feel not owning a Kindle locks you out

Independent editors and readers have universally praised Trapped, most admitting they had a hard time putting the manuscript down.
   This web site is created to showcase George Bernstein’s talent as an author of riveting suspense. Trapped is now joined by George's 2nd novel, A 3rd Time to Die, which has also garnered all 5-Star & 4-Star reviews. Hopefully we will make you a fan, eager to read future works we intend to publish in 2014. Feel free to contact the author at any time, at:

 By the way, George is also a “World Class” fly fisherman, having held a dozen International Gamefish Association World Records and has recently published Toothy Critters Love Flies (, the definitive book on fly-fishing for northern pike and musky.  The direct Amazon link to that book is:


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George Bernstein's 5-Star, 2nd novel

Two souls struggle to fulfill their destiny together. They discover magical love during a fox hunt in 17th Century England, and again in 19th Century Philadelphia. Each time they are snuffed out by brutal murder. Reborn a third time, in the 21st Century, their love of jumping horses brings them together again…and their ancient killer may be still stalking them!

 Available at Amazon & book stores in Print and E-Books (Kindle, Nook & Smashwords)


A Third Time to Die  is a Paranormal Suspense different from the glut of vampires, werewolves, angels and demons. Its theme is more in the vein of Nora Robert’s Midnight Bayou, which was also made into a Lifetime Original Movie, or the movie Dead Again.

 A November, 2005, Harris poll found one in three Americans believe in reincarnation, and twice that many believe in some sort of after-life.

Highly respected psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss, wrote Many Lives, Many Masters, and did many lectures and public appearances regarding the evidence of soul rebirth, including a full hour recently on Ophra. I’ve research the theory of past lives, and have been “regressed” by an associate of Dr. Weiss, to better understand the experience. My wife rode a champion Open Jumper in the early years of our marriage, and I’ve brought insight of that very popular subject to the story.

Readers reviews of A 3RD Time to Die

(5*) By MikiHope - This is an extremely well written, thought out and planned book from beginning to end,

Do you believe in past lives? Do you ever have those deja vu moments when you know you have been somewhere or know someone but really cannot figure out from where but the connection is definitely there… good or bad? Whether you do or don't believe this book will send chills up and down your spine as it takes you step by step through the past and present lives of two lovers destined to be together… eventually. Brutally murdered in their first two lifetimes the one person who witnessed both these atrocities is the only one who can save them.
This is an extremely well written, thought out and planned book from beginning to end-I can guarantee you will not be able to put it down! All I know is I definitely want to read more of the author's work.

(5*) By Dianne O'keefe - A thrilling ride - don't' miss it

Bearing in mind that I like paranormal romance novels, I was pretty convinced that I would like this novel, especially since I also like horse riding.  The big surprise was that I never expected it to be comparable to great writers of this genre such as Dean Koontz or Stephen King.
   A Third Time to Die really delivered, providing an intriguing storyline and very believable characters. As I reached midway in the book, I was turning pages almost as fast as I could read to find out what would happen next. I enjoyed it immensely and am glad I tried it out. I look forward to more, and am delighted the author already has another book out. Time to download it to my Kindle!

(5*) Roamin2 "The Traveler" - Excellent Paranormal Romantic Suspense, 8/27/2013

This is the first romantic novel that has ever kept me in total suspense. Although I like paranormal fiction (and nonfiction), romance is not my thing, but this is so well written that I can't put it down. His ability to draw you right into the scenes is amazing. Can't wait to read his first novel, Trapped          

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